What to do if the inflatable pool leaks

by:Zhanxing     2020-06-28
Many parents will buy an inflatable pool for their children to let them play in the water, and sometimes use the inflatable pool for bathing. However, the inflatable pool can not avoid the possibility of air leakage, so what should I do if the inflatable pool leaks? What if the inflatable pool leaks? 1. Drain the remaining water in the pool, open the air valve to release the gas in the edge air chamber, which is convenient for cleaning the pool body behind. 2. Cut a patch. It is best to be 3 times the size of the damaged area, and it is recommended to trim it into a circle. 3. Do primer treatment. Clean up the repaired area and patch, and evenly apply special glue, dry it with a hair dryer or natural air until it does not stick to your hands. 4. Do glue filling treatment. Apply the glue again to the area where the glue was just applied, and do the same until it is not sticky. 5. Align the patch with the patch area, slowly fit the patch, and flatten it. It should be noted that air bubbles should be avoided when pasting, otherwise the pasting will not be firm. 6. Finally, put the pool body on the flat ground and press it with a heavy object for 24 hours. Precautions for using inflatable pool Prohibit too much inflation When using an inflatable pool, do not flush the gas too much. After too much gas is filled, it will cause the plastic to be unbearable, resulting in degumming and air leakage. Generally, the inflation volume is 80%. At the beginning of inflation, because it is deflated. We can use a thicker inflation tube. Later, when the amount of gas gradually increases, we have to use a thin inflation tube to better control the inflation rate. Clean the position of the inflatable pool Clean the place where the inflatable pool is placed, and do not leave small stones and small glass fragments on the ground that can easily damage the inflatable pool. Place the inflatable pool slightly more spacious, because after we lie in the pool, the pool will be slightly deformed. Pool temperature should not be too high When pouring hot water into the inflatable pool, the temperature should not be too high, generally it is close to the temperature of the human body. If the temperature of the hot water we use is too high, the plastic will decompose after being heated, producing substances harmful to our body. And if the temperature is too high, the plastic will be degummed, affecting the service life of the inflatable pool. The above is the solution to the leakage of the inflatable pool introduced to you, as well as some matters that need to be paid attention to when using the inflatable pool. If you want to extend the service life of the inflatable pool, it is best to adopt some suggestions for the use of inflatable pools given by the editor!
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