What are the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable

by:Zhanxing     2020-06-26
Whether the road is a bracket pool or an inflatable pool is a very important water park equipment in a mobile water park, but in a mobile water park, why should these two water holding devices with different structures be placed? This is because the main functions of the bracket pool and the inflatable pool are used to hold water, but the difference between the two devices is still very big! And these two water park equipments are very different in terms of play function! Speaking of this, many entrepreneurs who are first exposed to investment in a mobile water park project may be confused. Are not the bracket pool and the inflatable pool a 'big pool'! What are the functional differences between the two? As a professional water park equipment manufacturer, I can be responsible The advantage of the inflatable pool in the mobile water park is that the inflatable pool can hold deeper water. Because the bracket of the bracket pool is a rigid body, the impact resistance of the edge of the bracket pool will be better. In addition, the use of sewing thread in the bracket pool is much less than that of the inflatable pool, so the sealability of the bracket pool can be better. These favorable conditions create favorable conditions for the bracket pool to accommodate deeper water depths! At the same time, because the stent pool presumably uses fewer sewing processes, the stent pool saves manpower costs, so the speed of shipment is much faster than the inflatable pool! Inflatable pool Although the bracket pool has many advantages of its own, but as the saying goes, people are not as long as the white, the product is the same. Although the bracket pool has many advantages, the water depth can be filled, it is not a very young child, craft Simple, but high-quality brackets are needed, so the raw material cost of the bracket pool comes up. These are precisely the advantages of the inflatable pool. The shallow water of the inflatable pool reduces the pressure of the maintenance part, so it is safer. The advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable pool are in sharp contrast with the inflatable pool. Therefore, in the mobile water park, these two children's park equipment are indispensable.
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