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by:Zhanxing     2020-06-26
Swimming is a healthy physical and mental health exercise for all ages. Most places have swimming pools. The pool water is clean and well-equipped to meet the basic needs of swimmers. Some people have considerable investment vision and want to build a swimming pool for more people to use. What equipment do you need to buy to build a swimming pool? What brand of swimming pool equipment is good? Let's understand it together. What are the swimming pool equipment To build a swimming pool, you need to be equipped with certain items, and it is not as simple as imagined. What does the swimming pool equipment include? If you are interested, please take a look down. 1. The swimming pool is divided into a deep water area and a children's splash area. The deep water area is mainly provided for adults, and the water depth cannot exceed 1.8m. The children’s play area is mainly provided to minors, especially young children, and the water depth cannot exceed 0.48 meters. The items needed for construction are purchased as required. 2. Lay green carpets next to the swimming pool, lounge chairs, dining tables with seats, large potted plants, etc. for embellishment 3. Prepare a certain number of parasols and put them next to the dining tables and chairs. Because the summer weather is hot, many people will sit in the chairs to rest after swimming, and the parasols can block the sun and prevent people from overheating due to heat. 4. An automatic pool water disinfection circulation system and heating facilities are required, and the quality is critical because of long-term use. 5. Install low-pressure explosion-proof lighting lamps at the bottom of the swimming pool, covered with ceramic tiles all around, and also need to set up anti-overflow drainage grooves. It should be noted that various equipment should be intact, safe and environmentally friendly. 6. Foot disinfection pond should be set at the entrance of the swimming pool, and related equipment needs to be purchased in advance. What brand of swimming pool equipment is good Choosing good quality swimming pool equipment is conducive to the development of the swimming pool, because if the swimming pool equipment is doped with harmful substances, it will endanger human health. For a long time, there will definitely be fewer and fewer swimmers. How to choose swimming pool equipment? What brand of swimming pool equipment is good? You may wish to look down: Desler DSL Dai Sile, one of the top ten brands of swimming pool equipment, was founded in 1998. It is an excellent sports equipment manufacturer, mainly providing energy-saving and environmental protection system solutions for swimming pools and leisure water bodies. EMAUX Evans is a famous swimming pool equipment brand. Founded in 1990, it is a manufacturer engaged in the sale of swimming pool and water park water treatment equipment under Jinke Holding Group. Hengtai Swimming Pool HENGTAI Hengtai Swimming Pool is also one of the top ten brands of swimming pool equipment, mainly focusing on sports industry projects such as stadium facilities, professional swimming pools, and water leisure businesses. Desjoyaux Diquanyou, started in France in 1966, the world's top private swimming pool brand, can provide pool renovation services and unique and innovative solutions, specializing in the design and construction of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. How to buy swimming pool equipment There are many things to pay attention to when purchasing swimming pool equipment, especially when purchasing swimming pool processing equipment, you must first look at the shopping guide shared by Mawang: Step 1: Determine the cycle of swimming pool equipment The cycle period is the time required for the purification and disinfection of the pool water. Generally, the determination period needs to consider the swimming pool type and the pool volume. In general, swimming pools are divided into seasons such as competition swimming pools, hotel swimming pools, and private club swimming pools. Different types, number of users, user qualities, and frequency of use are different, so the cycle is different. If it is a large swimming pool, the water pollution rate is fast, it should take a shorter cycle; if it is a private club pool, the cycle can be set longer. In addition, it should be noted that the cycle of swimming pool equipment is also closely related to the volume of the pool. Generally, the larger the pool area, the more water is processed per hour during the cycle. Step 2: Purchase according to actual situation Some people buy equipment and look at the price. This method is wrong. It needs to be understood by many parties, comprehensively considered, and then purchased after measurement, and the actual situation and budget must be considered when purchasing. If you want to buy good quality, but budget is not enough, you can buy cost-effective. Step 3: Check the quality of swimming pool equipment When purchasing, be sure to check the equipment carefully to see if the equipment is damaged or malfunctioning. If the device can be disassembled, check the parts carefully. If it is not allowed, you can plug in the power test. In addition, it should be noted that check the product warranty or not, and ask about after-sales service related matters. Because for large equipment, after-sales service is very important. How to clean swimming pool equipment Cleaning the swimming pool equipment is also a very important task. If you just buy it back without cleaning, it will hide dirt and dirt for a long time, breed bacteria, and cause water pollution, which will harm your health. How to clean the swimming pool equipment? The cleaning method is as follows: 1. Cleaning the swimming pool, sewage suction is the most important. Generally, the suspended matter in the pool water can be sucked by physical means and recycled. If there is a suction machine, you can also use the suction machine to deal with suspended matter. 2. If the swimming pool is dirty, you can also put disinfectant in the pool to get the required water quality, but you need to pay attention to the dosage, otherwise, if you put too much, the water contains harmful substances, which will affect human health. 3. To clean other swimming pool equipment, take measures according to the type of equipment, such as cleaning parasols, tables and chairs, wipe directly with a damp cloth and detergent, and then dry with a dry cloth. 4. Clean swimming pool equipment, you must use the correct method, can not use strong acid and alkaline solution, can not cause water pollution, can not use too hard tools, so as not to cause damage. How to disinfect swimming pool equipment The disinfection of swimming pool equipment is a very important issue. If the solution is not good, the pool water contains bacteria, which may cause the swimmer to be infected with bacteria and suffer from skin diseases or more serious diseases. Need to know that dysentery, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, herpes and other diseases are caused by bacterial infections, and pathogenic bacteria are suitable for growing in swimming pools, so disinfection of swimming pool equipment should pay more attention. How to disinfect the swimming pool equipment? What are the tools used for disinfection? The commonly used swimming pool disinfection method is the chlorine disinfection method, that is, the chlorine disinfectant is placed in the swimming pool to allow chlorine to generate hypochlorous acid in the water, penetrate the bacteria, and oxidize inside the bacteria, thereby destroying the system of certain enzymes in the bacteria. Can completely eliminate bacteria. An important feature of chlorine disinfection is that in the disinfected pool water, an appropriate amount of residual chlorine can be maintained as needed, so that the pool water that is continuously contaminated by the human body can be continuously disinfected during the use of the pool water. Generally, the residual chlorine of swimming pool water is required to be 0.4-0.6mg/1. In addition, in order to ensure disinfectant efficiency and not cause corrosion of equipment and swimming pool surfaces, the relative pH of the water in the swimming pool, that is, the PH value should be maintained at 7.4-7.6.
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