Servicing And Storing Your Inflatable Boat

by:Zhanxing     2020-06-20
Ok, its the end of the season and you want to put your trusty rubber duck away safe in the knowledge that come spring you can pull her out of hibernation and get her on the water with no nightmares right? Well here's what you need to know about storing your inflatable boat. With any pvc based material there are certain things that will perish, abrade and crack the material. With almost all inflatable boats being made from pvc the primary cause of damage (other than puncturing) is that caused by UV light, PVC doesnt like it, so unless you are in the lucky position to have bought a Seapro inflatable which is built from Valmex (completely UV resistant) you are going to have to go to your local boat dealer who has ribs for sale and buy yourself an all over tonneau cover for your inflatable. The best way to store it for any length of time is partially inflated under your boat cover. If you dont have the room to leave the boat inflated then its ok to leave it in the bag, but before you store it you will need to clean the boat with soapy water or dedicated inflatable boat cleaner, take the floor out before you clean the boat and get rid of any grit or sand between the keel and hull. Once you have cleaned it wash off all soap residues with fresh water and completely dry it out. Some companies recommend using talcum powder or similar to keep the boat supple but so long as your boat is made from decent quality material this isn't really necessary. Once the boat is clean and dry I recommend leaving the boat inflated for a week just to make sure you havent picked up any leaks during the season, if it stays hard then deflate, roll up and store in a dry place over winter. Continuous damp will damage the material over time so garages are not the best place, under the stairs or in the loft is a better idea. If bought wisely and you look after your inflatable it will last you for a lifetime.
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