Is the children’s pool big?

by:Zhanxing     2020-06-29
The children's swimming pool is an uncovered box structure swimming pool specially designed and manufactured for children from 1 to 6 years old. The difference between the children's pool and the baby pool is that the children's pool has no equipment such as a swimming ring, and the size of the pool is larger than that of the baby pool. At present, the main material of the children's swimming pool is acrylic, which is highly integrated with acrylic and is suitable for home use and children's swimming pools. Highly integrated swimming pool products are highly integrated, do not require separate equipment rooms, and do not need to be drained from the platform. It is completed with 15mm acrylic casting imported from Germany. The common acrylic panel children's swimming pool is made of an acrylic panel heated and softened and blister. It is even only a few millimeters thick at the corners, and then reinforced with resin. Acrylic panels are prone to cracking due to aging of the resin The phenomenon leads to water leakage. This kind of swimming pool solves the problem that the modular combined children's swimming pool is not highly integrated, requires a separate equipment room for heating, the water quality cannot meet the requirements, is prone to water leakage, and drainage needs to be raised from the floor, which increases the floor load and causes high risks. A series of questions. There are many styles of swimming pools. The most important thing is to choose some safe and comfortable ones. For example, round ones are better than square ones, because rounded corners are more comfortable. The color should be selected according to the overall design style of your home. Of course, the one to follow is still soft, the color is too strong, and it is easy to hurt the baby's eyes. Therefore, when we choose a children's swimming pool for our baby, we should choose a highly integrated swimming pool. In addition, we must also look at the workmanship of the children's swimming pool, whether the seams of the product are smooth and free of burrs, so as not to puncture the baby.
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