How to use inflatable pool

by:Zhanxing     2020-06-27
In the past two years, there have been more and more outdoor water sports. Adults play water, and children are no exception. It is impossible to go to the beach every day. They always run long distances, so there are some inflatable pools in communities, squares and other places. The business is also Great. So what are the precautions and how to repair China's inflatable pool? This article will share with you from a practical perspective. 1. How to use the inflatable pool The inflatable pool is made of PVC clip net cloth after high temperature heat sealing. The use environment of PVC material is minus 40° to 70°C, so don't worry about the temperature. The main consideration is the wear resistance of the inflatable pool, the inflatable pool is not wear-resistant, so do not drag it during installation. The inflatable pool is packed in a cylindrical shape and can be rolled or moved directly to the designated operating position by car. Unfold the inflatable pool, lay it flat, then connect the wire plug to the inflatable pool, connect the ball fan to the power supply, and then connect the intake pipe to the inflatable pool for inflation. The inflation process is generally about 20 minutes. For the pool, two fans or more can be considered to blow at the same time. After the inflatable pool blows out the air, remove the fan and the board. A good inflatable pool takes several days to replenish the air. Fill the inflatable pool with water, pay attention to the water is not full, to reserve a certain space above to prevent water overflow after people enter. If the operation of the inflatable pool is over and you want to put it away, you must first pump the water out, then dry it, and then fold it and pack it. Second, the repair method of inflatable pool After the inflatable pool is broken, dry the area to be repaired, then use PVC repair material to cut a slightly larger patch with rounded corners, and apply glue to the patch and the repaired area. Let dry a little, then press firmly, and it's fine. It is similar to repairing bicycle tires. If there is very fine sandpaper, the effect will be better. The above is how to use and repair the inflatable pool. I hope it can help you and let you have a cool summer day. Of course, playing is playing, safety is the most important thing. I hope you all pay attention to safety.
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