MATERIAL       COLOR        SIZE & SHAPE       LOGO       PACKAGING       

The customer inquire about the certain product according to the demand. After receives the inquiry, we will price the product. Then the corresponding quotation will be sent to the customers according to their request.


1. material : PVC  TPU  EVA etc, other materials, please contact
2. color : Customizable in a variety of pantone colors 
3. Size and shape : Customizable size.
4. shape :  Customizable any shape
5. LOGO : Printing
6. packaging : 1000 sets of customizable packaging


We can choose cost-effective materials according to the functional requirements of your inflatable

products and provide professional matching customized programs according to your design.

Customization process 1


Determin customer needs by meeting, email or telephone. According to the customer’s needs and bargin, we would offer the solution for Inflatable products material, handle material. Our designer will make drawing according to customer needs, or customer shows us Inflatable  products  sample they need, or choose from our available Inflatable products.

Customization process 2


According to the solution in step 1, our team will prepare materials, accessories and manufacturing tools accordingly. It includes PVC and other main materials, manufacturing tools (Drawing 、printing film, mold), accessories (air valve, handle).

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