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by:Zhanxing     2020-06-27
Today, baby swimming has become fashionable. Swimming plays an important role in the growth and development of infants, not only can promote the development of infant brain nerves, but also improve the sensitivity of infant sensory nerves. If you want the baby to swim, you need to choose the right baby pool. How to choose a baby swimming pool? What kind of baby swimming pool is good? Baby swimming pool Infant swimming pools generally refer to swimming pools for babies under 1 year old. There are two types of swimming pools, one is a hexagon bracket swimming pool and the other is a steel frame swimming pool. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two baby swimming pools? Mom, hurry and look down. Hexagon bracket baby swimming pool Advantages: small footprint, foldable, highly secured, environmentally friendly material, not easily damaged or leaking. As long as it is purchased from a regular manufacturer, the minimum height is 70 cm. The material is generally built-in PVC imitation cloth net, and the product quality is guaranteed. Disadvantages: It does not look very beautiful, it looks beautiful without an inflatable swimming pool. In addition, some swimming pools may be unqualified and smell big. Steel frame baby swimming pool Advantages: foldable or unfoldable, easy to use and store, and beautiful in appearance. Compared with the hexagon bracket swimming pool, it is more durable and durable. Disadvantages: The cost of materials is high, so the price is relatively high. If it is not used frequently, it may cause waste. Which kind of household baby swimming pool is good When buying a baby swimming pool, is it better to buy an inflatable swimming pool or a bracket swimming pool? Many mothers will have 'choice difficulties' when buying. In order to solve the doubts of mothers, share the characteristics of inflatable swimming pool and bracket swimming pool to mothers: Inflatable swimming pool Generally for home use, the appearance is beautiful, firm and safe, and the scope of application is wide. When buying, choose a smooth surface, thick material, comfortable and soft, not easy to break. In addition, it is best to have a layered design, adjustable height, large space, bottom insulation, so that the baby is in the swimming pool, mother does not have to worry about the baby catching cold Without fear of injury to the baby. Bracket swimming pool Compared with the inflatable swimming pool, the bracket swimming pool has the advantages of large capacity, easy to use, easy to fold and not easy to age. If you have a large area in your home that can accommodate a swimming pool with brackets, you can choose this type. However, when purchasing, you need to look at the thickness of the swimming pool. Generally thin, less than 0.55mm, are domestic products, thick, good quality, imported high-end goods. Usually, imported swimming pools are made of non-toxic high-density materials and will not seep. Which brand of baby swimming pool is good There are various brands of baby swimming pools on the market, so that mothers are dazzled when buying, I don’t know which brand to choose. 1. Inflatable baby swimming pool brand Mambo Fish House, Intime Intime, Rain of the Sea, Manpu Mambary, Shao Fei, Century Spring, Hot Spring Baby, ABC, Zhanxing, etc. 2. Brand of bracket baby swimming pool Nuoao noao, Antai, Dr. Ma, Manpu Mambary, Oubei Open Baby, Intime Intime, Roaming Baby, Mambo Fish House, ABC, Dolphin, etc. How to buy baby swimming pool In addition to paying attention to the brand, there are many points to pay attention to when buying a baby swimming pool. How to buy a baby swimming pool? Buy a baby swimming pool to share with moms, quick get: 1. Purchasing according to space: Before buying, think about the place to put it. If it is placed in the bathroom, the bathroom space is relatively small. It is best to buy a smaller swimming pool. If it is placed on the balcony or the roof, the space is large enough, you can buy a bracket swimming pool. In addition, the kitchen can also be placed, but pay attention to the issue of water. 2. Identify whether the material is safe: there are many materials for making baby swimming pools, such as PVC, PVC, and laminated cloth, etc. When choosing, try to choose materials that are safe. Generally, the quality can be distinguished by smelling and checking the appearance. 3. Check the drain pipe: The baby swimming pool needs to be filled with water before it can be used. If the water pipe is connected, the flow of water is too complicated and inconvenient to use. Therefore, try to buy as simple as possible. In addition, the quality of the drain pipe needs to be carefully checked to prevent water leakage. How to deodorize baby swimming pool The baby swimming pool has just been bought and needs to be aired in a well-ventilated place to remove odors. During daily use, if you find an odor, you must take effective methods to let the odor dissipate. How to remove the odor in the baby swimming pool? The following 4 methods are effective: 1. Milk deodorization method: clean the swimming pool, then pour milk into the swimming pool, shake gently, pay attention to every place of the swimming pool is covered with milk, wait for half an hour, then pour the milk, rinse with clean water, and dry After receiving. 2. Deodorization method of orange peel: Take out all the objects in the swimming pool, wipe the swimming pool with a damp cloth, and then put the fresh orange peel in it. After 3-4 hours, wash the swimming pool with a brush again, so that the odor can be removed Remove. 3. Deodorization of waste tea leaves: There is plastic smell in the baby swimming pool. Scrub with waste tea leaves first, then rinse with clean water to remove the pungent odor. 4. Salt water immersion method: Soak the swimming pool with salt water for 30 minutes. After the odor is removed, the salt water is poured out. It should be noted that the immersion time should not be too long and should be controlled.
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